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If you’re like me, you crave that something more that graces all our hours with meaning. This webpage is an offering of moments captivating – moments I want to share with you and hope they touch your life with glimpses of beauty along the way.


The Hunt


Word Images and Wrestling with
the Divine in Daily Life


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Flung Open

Flung open the little gate to this cage has stood for some time. I’ve sat not sure how to even test my wings aching from the stress of flight or perhaps sore from the trap where I’ve languished long. But then You ride in to release from prison this captive, to bind up this heart broken, proclaiming the good news of how free I’ve been. Desperately hopeful I stagger crawl reach a scarlet wing, a soft, round body, two tiny feet across this threshold. by Ashley Katherine Denning January 9,...

The Why Behind the Walk

What is the why behind the walk? Life is too short to follow another’s formula, and happiness belongs to the boundary setters. We do try to fill our lives with the truly meaningful… because some ache deep within us clamors that we were made for more. The only thing that could call us away from our routines is something of surpassing beauty – a treasure worth more than everything we possess. We feel it as a whisper that calls to us from gentle glory bursting forth in a sunset painted butter and blue, or a sky shocked with star-clouds – layers upon layers of glittering pinholes letting out the very splendor of heaven. What if the ache has an answer? Wouldn’t you seek every opportunity to draw close to these windows of beauty and see if you can distinguish what waits on the other side of the panes? And so onward I go, seeking and perhaps finding and sharing any answers I may gather along the...