Road-Trip Moon



It’s 11:04 pm. We’ve spent most of the day driving through the lovely hills and pastures of Kentucky, and I’m stretched out in the back of the Runner while The Bear drives us on to South Bend, Indiana. Today was the first full day of our Road Trip Honeymoon, and what a stark contrast between this multi-week, car-camping excursion and the restful retreat we took in Newport, Tennessee for 2 days after the wedding! One might be inclined to ask why a gal such as myself would even want to take such a nontraditional trip for her honeymoon. I may have asked myself this very question a few times today. It definitely takes some getting used to… maybe even some self-convincing. So here is a list I’m forming for myself as much as for my curious readers:

Top 5 Reasons to Rock this Road-Trip Moon

5. I’m stretched out in the back of the Runner writing. I’m doing my favorite thing, and it just happens to be from a mobile hotel that takes me to all these interesting places that have infinite inspirational potential.

4. After months of moving home to Tennessee and planning and throwing a simple yet nevertheless exhausting wedding celebration, this trip forces me to literally rest: to sometimes get out of the Runner and explore, but, so far, to mostly sit and watch the beauty on all sides as we pass through breathtaking landscapes.


3. This trip gives my Hubby Bear and me a chance to establish our values, priorities, and routines before we let the everyday business of setting up our new life together distort what’s most important.

2. I get to see a lot of places The Bear explored last year on his road trip across the country. Pictures he took from that trip caught my eye a few months back, and I found myself falling in love with this scruffy adventure guy, especially when I read about his adventures and how God was meeting him in places like the purple mountains’ majesty of Montana. (If you haven’t found his blog yet, it’s full of stories like “Sugars the Dog” at


1. God meets us in the small and quiet moments of daily routines, but my search for beauty drives me to find enough space to encounter the grander aspects of the Ancient One. I’m taking this trip because I’m expecting amazing moments to blossom right in front of me and teach me new things about the Architect of this vast planet.



  1. Such lovely and honest musings. Thanks for sharing Ashley. I look forward to reading the Bear’s blog as well.

    • Thank you, Linda! It was such an honor to have you and Solomon at our wedding! 🙂 Thanks for being a steady source of joy in my life. 🙂


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