Throwback Thursday: Star-gazer (Age 15, 2002)

I thought this would go well with this week’s post about the Milky Way (Finding Mystery)! It was written during that time in my life when I was constantly stealing away to my parents’ back yard to lie enraptured under the stars. Enjoy!



Ashley Katherine Denning

August 21, 2002

A Psalm

Night falls,

And my dreams awaken

As each star appears

And forms the detail of my thoughts.

You come

And meet me here

While the quiet of the earth

Surrounds me like harmony.

There’s nothing between us but the sky.

But what a veil

With which You cover Your glory!

Is this merely a taste?

How can I lie beneath

The splendor of the Heavens,

And then realize I’ve only reached

The threshold of Your majesty?

But it’s a good start.

I’ll hold my breath and wait for You to breathe.

I’ll close my eyes and imagine what can be.

I’ll open my heart and let You fill me once more,

O Lover of my soul!

Can we meet tonight?


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