Throwback Thursday: Whisper (Age 15, 2003)

One of the coolest things about moving home has been discovering my old journals. Apparently, I’ve been writing since I was a wee little lass of 9 years. It’s likely that I was writing before that, but we had a house fire the year I turned 9, so I guess anything after the fire is sitting around in boxes in my old room or my parents’ garage, waiting to be found and folded open.

So, I’ve decided to institute a periodic addition to the blog called Throwback Thursday, in which I type up something that I wrote as a girl or teenager that has some common theme with what I’m writing about currently. The other night, I found a poem I’d written when I was 15. It’s called “Whisper,” and when I read it, I got choked up – mostly because it reminded me of what I had felt when I was up on that mountain watching the fireflies. If you haven’t read “The Story of the Silent, Sparkling, Synchronous Fireflies,” go back and read it after you read this poem. Or maybe just read it again. It’s amazing how 13 years later, I am learning the same lessons.


Ashley Katherine Denning

Feb. 8, 03

My child, I know your lonesome way –

I’ve been there once before.

But I have overcome the pain

That you might trust Me as Lord.

I know your heart is beating to

A rhythm of defeat.

I know you miss the time you’ve spent

Thriving at My feet.

But I’ve not left you, Little One,

To bear your pain alone.

Open your eyes and you’ll see Me where

I’ve been standing all along.

It’s not time to move you, Dear,

Or fix your broken heart.

But I’ll sit by and hold your hand

Until you’re through this part.

I promise to go with you through the valley,

To hem you in from harm.

Whisper and you’ll find yourself

In My everlasting arms.

I am here, My precious child –

Do not fall to despair!

Hope in Me and put your trust

In My loving, patient care.


    • Thank you, Margie! 🙂 It seems to be a truth worth learning over and over.


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